Hade Edge Bands Contest achievements.

Hade Edge Bands competed in the following Contests during October and November 2016.

In October the Senior Band competed at the Rochdale Contest in the First Section.

The band was awarded 2nd place in the First Section at the contest which involved 8 bands competing for the title.

Onto the Y&HBBA Annual contest in November held once again in Holmfirth for the second year running.

The “B” Band competed in the B section – Their first outing in the contest arena.

The band came 4th out of 6 bands competing in this section – An excellent result and congratulations to the players and

their conductor Gary Perrin.

The Senior band competed in the A Section where there was a huge turnout of 13 bands competing for the title.

Hade Edge Band took runner-up  placing in the Test Piece and  the  Winner in the Hymn piece.

The two combined scores produced the overall winner of the contest – that being Hade Edge Band.

The band also took the trophy for the Winning Conductor of the contest and congratulations to Jonathan for an excellent result.

The winner of the Contest, Hade Edge Band, will now have the honour of selecting a Geneva sponsored player (sponsor of the contest)

who will be our guest soloist at a concert organised by the band during 2017. We look forward to organising the event and selecting a prominent venue of our choice to promote this wonderful opportunity the band has worked so hard to achieve. Further details will be on our web-site in early 2017.

Congratulations to both the Senior Band and “B” band players for their dedication and hard work over the contest period.